Is Pressure Washing Always Appropriate? Absolutely NOT!

A lot of times we hear some common questions in our line of work. One such question is whether pressure washing is always an appropriate way to get exterior surfaces clean. Lots of clients ask whether hiring a soft washing company in Cary, NC is really necessary, or if it is just a catchphrase used for marketing. We can definitely tell potential customers, “Yes, hiring a soft washing company is absolutely a must” – for these reasons.

Painted Surfaces are Not Pressure-Worthy

Although painting outdoor surfaces is a great way to seal out moisture, it is not meant for high-pressure pressure washing. When you use a pressure washer, especially on painted furniture or places that are aging, there is an increased likelihood that it will lead to cracks and chips that will cost a lot to repair. Once you chip paint, it has to be sanded and then repainted, and it is often hard to match, so you usually have to repaint the whole thing. That is both expensive and time-consuming!

Roofs are Not Made for Pressure Washing!

When it comes to your roof, shingles are not made to withstand high pressures like those from a pressure washer. And to make matters worse, the damage that you can do by using a pressure washer on a roof is often cumulative, meaning that it might not show up right away. Therefore, by the time that you notice that damage has been done, there is no way to trace it back to the pressure washer – or the company that didn’t know to use it.

Pressure Washing is Not Good for Concrete That Isn’t Fully Cured

The reason that people pay extra for concrete versus asphalt is that it can withstand a lot more and it looks nicer. The problem with pressure washing concrete before it has time to cure, though, is that it can unwittingly damage the concrete. You spent a lot to upgrade, and although pressure washing after letting it cure is reasonable, pressure washing it too early can do a lot of costly damage!

Siding Is Not Impervious

Although some sidings can withstand pressure washing, not all of them can. If you use a pressure washer on older siding, there is a chance that the water can get behind the siding, which can lead to mold and mildew issues. It is always best to err on the side of caution before taking a pressure washer to anything – even if it is outdoors.

Not many outside the pressure washing industry understand the difference between soft washing and pressure washing, which is why you need to hire an industry expert who does. Our soft washing company in Cary, NC has the experience, industry knowledge, and expertise to always demand the best results using the safest and most reasonable methods possible. Contact us today to schedule your next soft washing appointment, and rest assured knowing that we will take care of your property.