Our Process

Patriot Softwash Process

The Patriot Difference

What sets us apart? What makes us the
right choice?

We strive for excellent communication from the time the estimate request comes in till the service is complete - and beyond. People often change companies from year to year and we never want that. We want lifetime customers! Here are some key things we do differently:


They're all digital, easy to keep up with, and can be easily modified. Your estimate can be accepted at the push of a button. They're also very detailed, so you know exactly what you're getting.

Property Protection

We aim to keep your property safe during your exterior cleaning. We tape off all electrical outlets to decrease the risk of an electric fire. There are documented cases of homes burning because this essential prevention wasn't performed. We cover all doorbell cameras (these aren't designed to get wet). Door key locks are also covered to prevent corrosion in the lock. All stained and colored doors are covered with plastic to prevent failure of the pigment/stain. Door restaining can range upwards of $1800.

We make payment simple

Payment can be made through your invoice, cash, check, Venmo, or Zelle. Who doesn't like options?

Plant Protection

All plants are pre- and post-watered. We even cover very delicate plants and gardens when appropriate. Our house washing solution is specially metered on a case by case basis so we only use the correct amount of soap necessary.


Many customers complain about streaking, oxidized siding. and streaked windows. We are not a “splash and dash” company! The rinse is even more important than the soap application. We spend the extra time to double-rinse all surfaces to mitigate any potentially harmful circumstances. Many times, the extremely cheap prices of other companies come with sloppy results and improper rinsing.

We make it easy to know when you are ready for service again

Life is fast and we all get busy! We can send out automated reminders at your desired interval.