Preparing for a Drought with Pressure Washing? Yes!

As we head into summer, spring showers have given way to heat and dryness. As much as excessive rain can wreak havoc on your home, a drought can really take a toll, too. The best way to combat the consequences of a long period without rainfall is to prepare in advance. These are some of the ways that pressure washing can ensure that even if your rain dance doesn’t work, you won’t be dancing to undo the potential consequence of drought conditions. Here are the tips we shared with RedFin readers around the nation.

Pressure Wash Pre-Drought

The problem with a drought is that in many cases, municipalities and other governmental agencies will limit pressure washing for environmental reasons. But there is really no way to predict a drought…or is there? A drought doesn’t happen overnight, so the best way to prepare is to be proactive and schedule regular power washing appointments. That way, if a drought does happen, you aren’t going too long without getting things cleaned up.

What Does a Drought Do to the Exterior of Your Home?

When a drought happens, dirt and dust gets kicked up more than usual, which causes it to cling to exterior surfaces and take a toll on aesthetics. The good news is that although it might not be pleasing to look at, a dusty and dirty home will probably not do any harm if you tackle it immediately following a drought. However, it might be harder to remove the caked-on dirt and grime that have been sitting unaddressed for months, which is why hiring a quality pressure washing company post-drought is so critical!

What About Businesses?

Drought can affect commercial buildings and properties differently than residential homes. If you’re a homeowner, the chance that someone will get hurt on your premises is slim. But when you have customers going in and out of your establishment, it is possible for parking lots, sidewalks, and entryways to become slick without pressure washing. Finding a pressure washing company that understands how to limit water consumption and has modifications to safely wash those critical areas is a vital part of keeping things safe.

Should You Hire a Pressure Washing Company During a Drought?

Common sense would tell you that no, if an area is enduring a drought, it is probably not a good time to hire a pressure washing company unless it is necessary for safety reasons. But when a drought does happen, it is a really good time to schedule your appointment so that when the rain begins to fall again, you are first in line. Just like everyone running for a glass of water when the well doesn’t run dry, your favorite pressure washing company will probably be booked solid to remove all the grime and dirt built up when the drought ends. Be first in line by being proactive!

Drought conditions might not be when you think it’s time to hire a pressure washing company, but it is a reminder that perhaps you have let your service lapse. The best way to tackle the dirt and dust build-up that comes from a drought is by scheduling your regular pressure washing service visits so you are covered. Also, be the first in line to have an appointment post-drought. And of course, if your commercial property has dangerous conditions, drought or no drought, it needs to be cleaned. We are the professionals to call to handle any season or situation. Contact Patriot Soft Wash in North Carolina today to make sure you are covered for whatever comes our way!