How Much Does Power Washing Cost in Raleigh, NC?

Raleigh is where everything happens in North Carolina. It’s the state capital, by far one of the fastest-growing cities, and is home to excellent food, breweries, growing IT industry, The Carolina Hurricanes, and the NC State Wolfpack.
These things make Raleigh, NC a great place to live. There is one thing that is not awesome – mildew and algae! Raleigh has relatively high humidity, which provides a perfect breeding ground for unsightly green stuff to grow on your home, business, concrete, and roof.
Power washing, although satisfying to watch, can be quite labor-intensive and if not done correctly can cause serious damage. If you’ve read this far, you’re probably looking for a professional power washing company in Raleigh, NC, and you likely have some questions, which we’re more than happy to answer:

  • How much will it truly cost for power washing in Raleigh, NC?
  • What factors influence the cost of power washing?
  • What factors determine why certain power washing companies are higher priced than others in Raleigh, NC?

How much does it truly cost for power washing in Raleigh, NC?

Several items need occasional power washing:

  • Residential Homes
  • Concrete
  • Roofs
  • Decking

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In general, you can expect to spend anywhere from $200 up to several thousand dollars on your power washing and exterior cleaning in Raleigh, NC.

How much will house power washing cost in Raleigh, NC?

House power washing will typically start around $250 and can range up to $3000, depending on size, square footage, materials, and access.
Most standard vinyl siding homes will cost between $0.12-$0.35/square foot for a total of $250-$600.
Stucco and brick homes are the most expensive to pressure wash in Raleigh. Most stucco and brick homes will cost $0.20-$0.60/square foot, for an average total of $350-$1200.

How much will concrete power washing cost in Raleigh, NC?

Power washing your concrete is one of the best, most cost-effective things you can do for your Raleigh, NC home.
Concrete power washing increases safety and boosts curb appeal! So let’s dig into the true cost.
Residential driveway and patio pressure washing will cost an average of $0.18-$0.30/square foot.
Most standard 2-car driveways will cost between $150-250.
Small patio pressure washing will typically range from $75-$150.

How much does roof pressure washing (softwashing) cost in Raleigh, NC?

In our experience, most homeowners will spend between $600-$1500 on roof power washing (softwashing) in the Raleigh area. Prices could be upwards of several thousand dollars for extremely large or complex roofs.
Roof pressure washing typically costs $0.35-$0.60/square foot.

How much does deck power washing cost in Raleigh, NC?

Deck power washing in the Raleigh area will typically cost $150-$500 for a basic cleaning.
Deck stripping prices vary widely depending on size, access, and material to be stripped.
Screen porch power washing typically costs between $75-$150, which includes rinsing screens and decking.

What factors influence the cost of house pressure washing in Raleigh, NC?

Homes come in all shapes and sizes in the Raleigh/Durham area, ranging from tiny vinyl homes to large stucco mansions. The first thing that impacts price is square footage. Most power washing contractors in Raleigh price by the square foot and obtain this info via county or real estate sites. Keep in mind garage square footage is usually not included and will typically add 400-600 square feet.
Siding material will also influence the cost of your Raleigh power washing project. Vinyl and hardie siding will typically be cheaper to power wash than stucco or brick homes.
Luxury features will also increase the price of your power washing cost in Raleigh. Stained wood ceilings, stained front doors, and copper fixtures and gutters all require additional protection during the cleaning. These items can cost several thousand dollars to replace, and the utmost care must be taken to mitigate damages.
Taping electrical outlets and sensitive electronics such as solar panel boxes, meter boxes, and outdoor televisions will also affect the cost of power washing. Taping and covering these items provides a layer of protection for preventing electrical hazards and house fires. Our research has shown this is often neglected by power washing contractors in Raleigh.
Large covered porches will inherently increase the cost of power washing. These porches add much more time to the project, which does increase cost.
Water access can raise the cost of your power washing project. Slow wells and inadequate water sources will add more to the cost. Most power washing companies use large-volume, low-pressure machines to apply soap and rinse your home. This requires a good water source or water to be hauled in.

What factors influence the cost of concrete power washing in Raleigh, NC?

Fortunately, there are fewer items that influence the cost of your concrete power washing.
Concrete cleaning is fairly straightforward and typically carries less risk than other types of power washing.
Size is definitely the largest cost factor. Small driveways can typically be done relatively cheaply vs large driveways that take much longer.
How dirty the concrete is will definitely affect the price of your power washing project. Extremely dirty concrete may take several applications of cleaning solution followed by surface cleaning to effectively break down the growth. We also like to post treat the driveway, allowing the driveway to stay cleaner longer.
Drainage is also a contributing factor in concrete pressure washing. Concrete that doesn’t drain well or is improperly sloped will take longer to clean and involve the use of sludge pumps, blowers, or brooms to discharge water into the landscaping.

What factors influence the cost of roof pressure washing (softwashing) in Raleigh, NC?

Roof pressure washing (softwashing) can make the most dramatic increase in curb appeal to your Raleigh home. Roof cleaning offers the look of a brand-new roof for a fraction of replacement cost. It is also the most expensive and potentially dangerous pressure washing you can have done to your home. Several factors can influence the cost.
Like everything else, size is the major influence in cleaning your Raleigh area roof. Roof pitch (how steep it is) also plays a part. Steeper roofs cause more chemical runoff, more difficult access, and ultimately more cleaning solution to effectively clean.
Height will also influence the cost of pressure washing (softwashing) your roof. Inherently, the higher the roof the more dangerous the work becomes. Some roofs may also require the use of an aerial lift to safely clean. Lifts can add $400-$1500 to a roof cleaning, depending on size and style.
Vegetation and gutters are one of the largest contributing factors to your roof washing project. Having functioning and clear gutters allows pressure washing contractors to safely capture runoff. For those in Berlin facing similar issues with blocked drains, rohrreinigung berlin notdienst serves as a valuable partner in ensuring your drainage system works seamlessly, which can significantly lessen the overall costs. This is crucial when performing pressure washing (softwashing) of your roof. Without effective guttering, runoff will drain onto the vegetation below, leading to increased costs due to the need for extensive flooding and watering of vegetation to prevent chemical burns or plant death.
Do you have black streaks, moss, or both? Heavy moss will definitely increase the cost of your roof pressure washing project. Since moss is a thicker and more dense form of growth, it will inherently increase cost.

What factors influence the cost of deck pressure washing in Raleigh, NC?

Wood cleaning and the correct ways to pressure wash decks are likely one of the most disagreed-upon topics between Raleigh power washing contractors and contractors nationwide. Unlike siding and roof manufacturers that lay out solid cleaning standards, wood manufacturers do not. There are several ways to clean wood and many chemicals to do the job. Some are great, and some can cause further damage. Stained and painted decks clean much more easily than bare wood. Ultimately, there are too many variables to give a solid answer on what deck pressure washing should cost in the Raleigh area. Basic items that will affect cost are size, condition of decking material, coating, and amount of growth.

What factors determine why certain power washing companies are higher priced than others in Raleigh, NC?

Like any service business, pricing will vary between Raleigh pressure washing contractors. Some companies will ultimately have higher overhead due to employees, insurance (adequate insurance is not cheap), workmans comp (again, not cheap), marketing, professional websites, uniforms and vehicle wraps, and efficient modern equipment.
Power washing companies start every day in Raleigh, NC. Unfortunately, an industry with a low barrier of entry can bring in fly-by-night, untrained, and uninsured individuals. It is important to vet the company you hire. Reviews are all telling; contractors with great reviews may not be the cheapest but often have the correct training, insurance, and customer service to provide you with a great power washing experience.
Modern power washing equipment can be costly. A qualified contractor will not be using a big box store power washer. These units produce too much pressure and not enough volume to safely and efficiently clean.
As with anything in life, “Good work isn’t cheap, cheap work isn’t good.”