Is It Too Early in the Spring for Pressure Washing?

The thing that we love most about living in North Carolina is the tepid temperatures year-round, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we don’t get our fair share of cold and inclement weather. Hiring a Clayton, NC power washing company in the spring is the best way to wash away the long cold winter, but is there a magic cut-off date where it isn’t too early or too late to hire Patriot Soft Wash? This is our answer!

No, It is NEVER Too Early

A misperception in power washing is that you can only do it during the warm, summer months. You can safely do power washing year-round on all surfaces from the roof to the sidewalk. The only reason that you might want to delay power washing during the winter months is if we are having extremely cold and lasting temperatures or if a snowstorm runs through. Neither of those is very common, so you pretty much have all year to schedule your power washing appointment.

Can You Safely Power Wash During the Winter?

Another common question we get is whether you can safely power wash during the winter months and when the temperatures outside are frigid. Although it might not be the most comfortable time of year to spray water all over, you can safely wash all of your exterior surfaces regardless of what the weather is doing.

Can You Safely Soft Wash During the Winter?

Although people use the terms “soft wash” and “pressure wash” as if they are the exact same thing, they are actually not. The biggest difference between the two is that one uses a high-power spray while the other uses a gentler approach combined with industry-approved solvents. Both, although slightly different, can be done during the cold winter months without a problem.

The Advantages of Hiring a Power Washing Company Early in the Spring

The biggest advantage of hiring a Clayton, NC power washing company before spring is that you get ahead of the rush to clean after the long winter. Second, by having your home power washed, you can ensure that your gutters are clean and ready for spring showers to come. And you will start the spring with a beautiful house that looks well-maintained while others are waiting in line for an appointment!

Often, in the power washing industry, we get common questions. One of those is whether it is ever too early in the spring to have your home or office safely pressure washed or soft washed. Our answer is, “No, it is never too early. In fact, there are advantages to being an early bird.” If you want to wash the long winter away, contact Patriot Soft Wash to schedule your pressure washing appointment today!