Don’t Power Wash Your Roof – Play It Safe With Soft Washing!

As we head into 2022, many will resolve to make this the year that they do things better. If you are a homeowner, a great first step is to hire someone to handle your roof maintenance. But not all pressure washing companies understand the importance of using soft washing for roofs. Don’t just Google “soft wash roof cleaning near me.” Here are five reasons to hire Patriot Soft Wash.

Not All Pressure Washing Companies “Get it”

When it comes to pressure washing, the quality of the service you get depends on who you hire. Not all pressure washing professionals understand the difference between soft and pressure washing. If you use pressure or power washing on roofs, then it can lead to some significant damage that can reduce your roof’s lifespan and lead to needing expensive repairs.

Damage is Not Seen Right Away

Many companies will tell you that power washing is safe for shingled roofs. Their evidence is typically that they have never damaged a roof. The problem is that they think that they haven’t done damage. When it comes to shingled roofs, if you use pressure washing, it can lead to degradation of the shingles themselves. So even if you don’t immediately see that something is wrong, over time, you might start to see signs. And what’s worse, the damage that you might have will not be traceable to your roof washing, leaving you out of luck to recover any damages.

Soft Washing Helps Get Things Clean the Right Way

Soft washing is not only a preferred method due to the reduced risk of damage; in some instances, the solvents used are necessary for a thorough cleaning job. At Patriot Soft Wash, we use only industry-approved cleaners and solvents to take care of mold, mildew, and other dirt and debris build-up. So not only is it a safer way to go; it is a better way to experience the best results!

You Can’t See What is Happening on Top of Your Roof

When you hire a pressure washing company, you do this so you aren’t injured trying to get up on your roof. Only an expert is trained and equipped to be on top of your roof safely. But that means that you have to depend on whoever you hire to do the most thorough job and reduce the risk of damage. And if something does happen, you have to trust that the company will be transparent. At Patriot Soft Wash, we care as much about your home as you do, so we’ll always provide complete transparency of our work and quality.

As we roll into 2022, many homeowners will resolve to make this the year they pay closer attention to home maintenance. If you want to extend the life of your roof, then soft washing is an excellent equipoise steroid move. Don’t simply Google “soft wash roof washing near me” and choose. These are four reasons to hire Patriot Soft Wash for all of your exterior cleaning needs, including your roof. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!