Soft Washing: What It Is, and Why It’s Important

Not many people outside of the pressure washing industry know what soft washing is and why it is essential to use it on some exterior surfaces. Often, our customers use the terms “pressure washing,” “power washing,” and “soft washing” interchangeably, but they are actually not the same. This is what soft washing is and why it is critical to know the difference, explained by our soft washing company in Cary, NC.

What are Pressure Washing and Power Washing?

“Pressure washing” and “power washing” are typically used interchangeably, but this isn’t quite correct. Pressure washing and power washing both use high-power water sprayed through a nozzle to clean the exteriors of homes and commercial properties. Power washing, however, typically uses warmer water, sometimes in combination with industry-approved solvents. In practical terms, the two are very similar and usually are talked about as if they are the same.

What is Soft Washing?

A soft washing technique uses a less intense stream of water and is coupled with industry solvents to remove dirt, debris, and stains. The major difference is that soft washing is the appropriate method for surfaces that are less hardy and that can be damaged by the intensity of high-power water.

What is the Appropriate Method to Use?

In general, pressure washing and power washing are safe for asphalt, concrete, and some sidings. For things like roofs and painted wood, though, soft washing is a must. If you use pressure washing on aging or stained surfaces, you run the risk of doing damage that can be both extensive and expensive. The only way to know for sure which is appropriate and safe to use where is by having the right industry training and knowledge to decipher the difference.

Before you call a soft washing company in Cary, NC, it is important to know why soft washing is important. If you use pressure washing in the wrong areas, you can unwittingly do a lot of damage. Although most homeowners think that pressure washing is an excellent DIY project, it is not. Only a true professional can get you the results you want while limiting the potential of serious and extensive damage. Contact Patriot Soft Washing to schedule your appointment today.