Want to Have A Brighter 2022? Start With Window Cleaning to Let the Light In!

The holidays are quickly approaching, and soon we will resolve to do things better next year than we did in 2021. If staying on-task with maintaining your home is on your New Year’s to-do list, then a great place to start is by cleaning your windows. Often, we forget the little things that make the most impact and cost very little. There are many advantages of having your windows professionally cleaned using a soft wash technique. These are just some of the best!

Let in More Light

If saving money is one of your home maintenance resolutions, then window washing is a must. Your home is not just heated by your furnace; the sun’s rays also provide radiant light that can warm things up without using energy. When you have dirty windows, no light can come through. That means you are missing out on potential energy cost savings. When you clean your windows, you let in more natural light; this means you can keep the lights off longer, and radiant heat will help reduce your dependence on your HVAC system.

Reduce the Risk of a Pest Control Problem

When windows have built-up dirt and debris that is left unaddressed, they can become a breeding ground for pests. If you want to stop a pest control problem before it starts, the best way is through prevention. By cleaning your windows and window casings, you are reducing the risk of a pest control problem and them making their way indoors!

Extend the Life Cycle of Your Windows

If you allow dirt, debris, and mildew to sit on your window casings, over time, they will lead to wood rot damage. If the casing rots, this can eventually lead to shifting of the windows and the need for either an expensive repair or worse, an entire replacement. By washing your windows, you are eliminating the potential for mold and rot growth and increasing the likelihood that your windows will last a lot longer.

Curb Appeal

Nothing can make a home look more aged and worn than dirty windows and casings. The first thing that people notice from the curb is how appealing your home is. Show your home in its best light by maintaining and cleaning your windows. You will likely be shocked by what an immediate and major difference a little window washing can do!

As we sail into 2022, many of us will resolve to take better care of things in our lives for the year ahead. If home maintenance is on your resolution to-do list, start by hiring Patriot Soft Wash to get your windows clean and sparkling for the New Year. Contact us and make your soft wash appointment today!